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BFR 2x4 T8 Recessed T-Bar Troffer - Light Energy Designs Supply

BFR 2x4 T8 Recessed T-Bar Troffer


BFR 2x4 T8 Recessed T-Bar Troffer

Part # Description Type # of Lamps Lamp Type Wattage Ballast Voltage
80005 BFR-2x4-3LP-32WT8-UNV-L15 Recessed T-Bar 2x4' 3LP T8 32W IS Ballast UNV
80031 BFR-2x4-3LP-32WT8-347-L15 Recessed T-Bar 2x4' 3LP T8 32W IS Ballast 347V
80211 BFR-2x4-4LP-32WT8-UNV-L15 Recessed T-Bar 2x4' 4LP T8 32W IS Ballast UNV
80009 BFR-2x4-4LP-32WT8-347V-L15 Recessed T-Bar 2x4' 4LP T8 32W IS Ballast 347V

Bulk Quantities

Part# Description Skid Quantity
80211 Bulk A) BFR-2X4-4LP-32WT8-UNV-L15 Skid Qty-30
80009 Bulk B) BFR-2X4-4LP-32WT8-347V-L15 Skid Qty-30
80005 Bulk C) BFR-2X4-3LP-32WT8-UNV-L15 Skid Qty-30
80031 Bulk D) BFR-2X4-3LP-32WT8-347-L15 Skid Qty-30

Product Description

Superior-grade, recessed fluorescent lay-in T-Bar luminaire with perforated metal basket and opal diffuser (standard). Its ideal for indoor use where aesthetics, energy-efficiency and T-Bar mounting is essential. Its basket shaped reflector and body design are ideally suited for recessed applications with non-obstructed plenum space.


Available in 2×4 dimensions High-reflectance, low gloss basket enhances performance Available with 1, 2 or 3 lamp configurations Perforated white metal basket and white opal diffuser distributes light evenly (standard) Latch-free basket for easy mounting Access panel for easy wiring


Various sizes available: 2×4 1, 2 and 3 lamps available Perforated baffle T5 or T8


Hospitals Offices Schools


ETL and CSA Certified


Pre-painted low glow gloss powder coated body utilizes a highly reflective finish for enhanced performance. Unique basket shaped reflector aids in the elimination of modeling. T5 and T8 light sources are available.


All components have met all regulatory approvals. Lamp retention through rotary lamp holders.


Holes provided for chain or hanger wire mounting support for T-Bar ceilings. Intended for non-insulated standard 15/16″ grid ceiling with a minimum 6 inch clearance.


Die-formed, heavy-gauge cold rolled pre-painted steel. Low gloss high-reflectivity surface utilizes a powder coated finish. This fixture offers a perforated metal basket with opal acrylic lens for even light distribution. Access panel for easy wiring.

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