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UV Series Blacklights


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UV Series Blacklights

Model Bulb Style Bulb Type Wattage Lumens Light color
80114 A19 LED 2 365 NM Wavelength Blacklight

Sunlite LED A Type Black Light 2W Light Bulb Medium (E26) Base, UV Black Light

This lamp easily creates mood lighting and enhanced special effects at parties and events. By incorporating true 365nm color wavelength, only UV reflective surfaces and objects will be illuminated while having no effect on the surrounding areas. This UV bulb is ideal for applications that require permanent black light blue lighting such as night clubs, bars, and other entertainment venues due to its lifetime rating of 25,000 hours, making it maintenance free! Sunlite has a growing line of LED black light items which include T8 bulbs, and flood light fixtures. Feel free to reach us for any custom black light needs.

Product Features

  • 2 watt,
  • 120 volt
  • Perfect step up replacement from an 60W incandescent and 13W Compact Fluorescent Bulb (CFL Spiral) lamp
  • True 365 nm Blacklight LED is perfect for identification and monetary validation
  • Great for special effects, parties, art, painting, Halloween, and similar applications
  • Black lights colored lighting is also used in night clubs, bars, party, and other entertainment venues
  • The 365 nm color wavelength is designed to solely light up UV Ultraviolet objects without affecting any of the surrounding area

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